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Tortured Soul (Ethan White Tribute Mix)
March 18, 2015 10:44 AM PDT
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Easy all
This is a sad time for all soulful house & Jazz lovers as some people may not be aware that Ethan White the keyboard player for Tortured Soul has passed away at the age of 39 .
It’s my way of showing my respect to his family and band members of uploading this mix that I did back in 2009. They are still one of my favourite live bands that i’ve seen.
Here is extract from Soul Tracks.

As we wrote about them when they broke out a decade ago: It would be an understatement to say that Soul Music and House Music have not always peacefully coexisted. To many Soul purists, House (like Disco before it) was like a musical one-night stand. It often tried to capture specific pleasurable elements of Soul but ended up gutting much of the emotional element that Soul brings -- you could dance to it, but you didn't feel it inside. And it didn't help that much of House was overtly mechanical and lyrically vacuous, removing the human and spiritual elements that were at the heart of Soul. Into this mix Tortured Soul came, with the premise of creating Live House Music. Tortured Soul's goal was to bring additional Jazz and Soul elements to House (hence, the appropriate group name), and to move the genre beyond the mechanistic and into a more interesting and listenable blend. Make no mistake, Tortured Soul's music is directly aimed at the dance floor, and that's okay. But they have pulled off the impressive feet of making music that's also engaging outside of the club -- something that is just as fun to listen to in your car or your house.

Future Of Soul pt3
March 18, 2015 07:44 AM PDT
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Easy All
Future Of Soul brings a new sound, one that pulls from soul, rnb, jazz , future bass, hip hop and broken beats fusing them together with seamless vocals chops and grooves. Provides the backdrop for that much needed day/night drive to clear the mind. In this mix I wanted to capture different elements of hip-hop beats. These songs bump, but at the same time, have that coolness to it. This way people can groove to it and at the same time, reflect on things. Drop these tunes to revitalise and get your mind right.

Bulgaria (Bansko) Festival Mix March 2015 Pt 1 “Deep” “Afro Soulful” Rhythms
March 18, 2015 07:06 AM PDT
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Easy All
Just recently came back from a snowboarding holiday and had the privilege to dj at one of the main night clubs at Bansko (Oxygen). Thanks to Alex whom he wanted slightly different touch to the main stream music. Charm, great quality food and drink, a breath taking mountain playground, friendly and beautiful faces and of course the non-stop music, which neighbouring towns can just about hear… What’s not to love?

Deep N Soulful (After Hours)
February 20, 2015 01:38 PM PST
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Easy all
Feels a long time since my last mix. As usual i’ve been really busy and due to the popularity of my podcast show, if downloads exceeds 500GB then I can’t upload until my bandwidth is reset every 18th of the month and I have to delete one of my mixes. It’s never nice to remove any of my mixes buts thats podomatic for you !!!.

Anyhow good news I have a deep soulful mix (sorry no track list may i’m too lazy to upload the track list lol) supplemented by sultry & powerful beats, a mesmerizing baseline, beautiful strings and chords.
Turn this one up! I’ve had 3 weeks of jamming to this 1 pure Bliss smiley

Future Of Soul Pt2 (Just Chillin)
January 06, 2015 11:13 AM PST
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Easy All
Quicker than i anticipated of uploading the future of soul ! Part 2 mix . To all the Deep Soulful House Headz, I will be uploading mixes from 18 January. keep posted.
Soul headz enjoy the mix!!!

Future Of Soul Pt1 (Drive Slow Homie)
December 18, 2014 10:10 AM PST
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Easy All
Before I start, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for the full support from around the globe. I have reached over 230,000 downloads in 2014, which is incredible to believe that my mixes reach out across all continents.

This mix incorporates the up and coming talent — bedroom producers / djs that are inspired by the old skool RnB and who put a unique twist of their sounds into the future of soul.

Wishing you all Merry Christmas
Peace N Greetings

Deep N Soulful (Just Like Music)
December 01, 2014 04:08 AM PST
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Easy All
So so busy last month never had time to upload the November mix. I’m hoping to catch up in the coming weeks, so many tunes to share with you guys.
For now i have deep soulful mix to feed your soul
1. Steve Paradise DD Klain - Days In The House (Rocco Deep Mix)
2. Dario D’ Attis ft Lisa Shaw - All Over Again (Rocco Deep Mix)
3. Essential ft Samantha Faison - Directions
4. Footsounds ft Siya - All for You (Drula Soulful Mix)
5. Monodeluxe ft Jaidene Veda - Change (Vick Lavender Sophisticado Full Vocal Mix)
6. Darque ft Zano - Show Me
7. Atjazz Julian Gomes ft Bucie - Out Of My Life
8. Stadsoul ft Lu - My Love (Gintonic Soul Experience)
9. D-Malice Pascal Moraia ft Thandi Draai - Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe
10. Last - Pretty Girl ( Cuebur & D - Malice RMX)
11. Divine Lopez - Lets Us Unite (TekniQ Distant Journey Mix)
12. Souldynamic ft C Robert Walker - I Can
13. Ralph Gum -ft Monique Bingham - Pap (Main Mix)
14. Paris Cesvette & Room 806 ft C Robert Walker - First Hello

Music Is My Medicine
October 18, 2014 02:12 AM PDT
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Easy all
Autumn has arrive and i’m feeling the autumn blues. Every time i play this mix as i’m driving home from work I’m feeling the motions and reminiscing the summer that has passed so quickly.
I’ve dropped some of my fav tunes from the past and the latest hot tunes that are bubbling on the scene right now.
i would like to express my gratitude to all the people who kindly have the time to drop a few comments. to all new comers, please feel free to drop a comment or to drop me a message
Peace n respect!
1. Andyboi - You Make Me Wanna Say
2. Joseph Junior & MAQman - Can’t Do Without It
3. Kaylow - Close My Eyes (Sir LSG Mix)
4. B.A.B.Y - Komplexity
5. Ivanunknown - Ivan’s Burden (Stereo Tone Music rmx)
6. Nick Holder ft Sacha - On My Mind (Stereo Tone Soulful Mix)
7. Chagos - Queen Of The Palace
8. Nastee Nev ft Kaylow - Having You Around
9. Dj Black Coffe ft Bucie - Superman
10. Bucie - Repsect
11. Bucie - All Of Me
12. Andyboi - No Doubt
13. Eric Ericksson & Reel People - Don’t Hold Back On Love Vocal Mix
14. Khensy - Hiya Kaya The Return (QB’s Bootleg)
15. The Company - Superstar (Reel People Vocal Mix)
16. Kaylow - I’m In Love With A Stranger (Chymamusique)

Deep N Soulful (I Need You In My Soul)
October 18, 2014 12:59 AM PDT
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Easy all
Another month passes by and its time to upload a deep n soulful mix.
Sorry folks no track list as i laid down this mix in August and i’ve misplaced the track list. A few props and big shouts to my cuz Josh for wicked birthday bash and to all my family & Josh friends who attended and made the night special.
Peace n respect

Deep N Soulful (Past & Present)
September 06, 2014 07:08 AM PDT
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Easy All
Second instalment after coming back from a top week at Suncebeat Festival in Croatia. I decided to dig into the crates and select some of my fav tunes and mix a blend of deep n soulful tunes from the past & present.
1. Who Am I - Boddhi Satva ft Athenial & C. Robert Walker (Atjazz Astro rmx)
2. My Man - Billy Holliday (Dj Aakameal rmx)
3. Deep Down - Robert Owens (Mr Fingers rmx)
4. Did It Make Sense - Lester (Munk Julious mix)
5. Hard Time For Lovers - C. Robert Walker (Soulistic Music mix)
6. Ding Ding - Omar , Dj fudge Hallex M
7. Let Go - Nastee Nev, Donald Sheffey (0808 Sweetsoul mix)
8. Turning The Tide - Bitches Brew House (Jimpster rmx)
9. I’m Still Standing - EnWadan (Deon Vaughn rmx)
10. For Real - Eman (Atjazz rmx)
11. Well Of Love - Davidson Ospina ft MJ White (Main mix)
12. Why we can’t live Together - Mr Mike (Rocco Headroom mix)
13. Hold On - Marlon D (Vocal mix)
14. Good Inside - Johnny Miller & Cubebur ft Ckenz Voucal (original mix)

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