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Beach Echoes
June 15, 2014 06:26 AM PDT
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Second Instalment today. Deep soulful house that oozes with soul.
I like to express my apologies technical issue track 8 & 10 have skips/jump, that i believe is the software that has a glitch and time to time it seems to do it when i convert from wave to mp3. So once again my apologies, I hope it does not effect you listening pleasures.

Just want let you into something that a guy who i came across recently who seem to be in his own world when he took stage to dj at a recent event and within minutes he empty the floor. I had a chance to speak to him after the next guy took over after his set. He explained to me that he had all the latest tunes and he did not understand why people left the dance floor.
Well Here is why
A truly great DJ, just for a moment can make a whole room fall in love. The reason, djing is not about choosing a few tunes and having all the latest tunes. It is about generating shared moods, it’s about understanding the feelings of a group of people and directing them to a better place.
In a hands of a master, records creates rituals of spiritual communion that can be the most powerful events in people lives.
Peace N Respect!

1. Fish Go Deep - The Cure And The Cause (DukeSoul’s Afro - Touch mix)
2. Antonello Ferrari - Beautiful View (Rancido’s Travelling Soul mix)
3. Jill Scott - Spring Summer (Ron Trent rmx)
4. Kem ft Patti LaBelle & Ronald Isley - Jesus (PhatFrank mix)
5. Nathan Adams - Stay Away (Sir LSG Vocal mix)
6. Nina Provencal - Soul Saviour (Jihad Muhammad Bang The Drum mix)
7. Wyen Solo - Smile (Groove Assassain Vocal mix)
8. Craze M Toffee Brown - Butterflies (Rancido’s Travelling Soul mix)
9. P.M Project ft Sabrina Chyld - Gave All You Had (Rancido’s Travelling Soul Vox Dub)
10. Timmy Regisford ft Hioni L - Thank You (Frankie Feliciano Vocal mix)
11. Urban Sound Lab - Infinite (Vox mix)
12. Djeff ft Kholi - Different (honeycomb Vocal mix)
13. Lou Gorbea & Chriss Perez ft Manchildblack - We Are (Chris Perez & Lou Gorbea mix)
14. Fantasy - Blame It (shino Blackk Vocal mix)

Afro House (Retrospective)
June 15, 2014 05:34 AM PDT
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Easy All
Had this mix ready to upload on Sunday but I had to wait until today (Wednesday 18th) due to exceeding my monthly bandwidth allowance. If you don’t know what that means it’s downloading of my mixes. Would not let me upload until now! I’d already written my quote below on Sunday!!
After a night of expectations that left me, mood & slumped after a disappointing night, England loosing to Italy. I decided to start get a move on with the mixes I promised to do. Today I will be uploading 2 mixes In different contrast of styles. The mix starts of deep soulful afro then moves to tribal sounds.
Remember as I upload a new mix, then I will have to delete an older mix. Don't forget to follow me and If you like & download please leave a comment.

1. Rihanna - Where Have You Been - (Boddhi Satva Ancestral Soul mix)
2. MKTL - Wild Kingdom (Boddhi Satva Ancestral Soul mix)
3. Abicah Soul - Mi Gentle (Boddhi Satva Ancestral Soul mix)
4. Justin Imperiale & Rescue Poetix - Whispers In The Wind (T's Vialocal Vox)
5. DJeff - Os Dois Velhos (Trinidadian Deep mix)
6. Carlos Francisco - Ala De Mosca (Original mix)
7. Black Motion - Mtshongola (Original mix)
8. UPZ & Black Motion ft Theo Lawson - Afrika Woman (Groove Cartell Drumpella)
9. Irfan Rainy & Baba Israel - Freedom (Black Motion Aquarian mix)
10. Young Dj & MoBlack - A Reason To Move (Basic mix)
11. Sonz Of Afrika - Ubuthakathi (Josiah De Disciple Hand Of God mix)
12. George Vibe - My Roots (Afro mix)
13. Dj Smash - Moonlighting (Vocal)

Deep Dope N Soulful
May 18, 2014 10:43 AM PDT
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Easy All
I have so many mixes i would like to share with you over next 6 - 8 weeks. Deep Soulful, Afro, Deep Afro Jazz, Deep Underground House, Soulful & Future Soul.
Don't forget to click the icon and follow me, you will be updated when i upload a mix.
This mix starts of deep soulful & moves to afro soul.
Big shout to everyone who has supported me over the years and spread the word andy bee is in town!
Enjoy smiley
1. Felo Le Tee - We Are Just Living (Veja Vee Khali Deeper Mix)
2. Phat Frank ft Shatti - Inspirational Love [Original Mix]
3. Soul ll Soul - Back 2 life (Raoul Kahn Deep Remix)
4. Pete Diababes ft Krabo - Love So Sad
5. Cuebur ft. Vikter Duplaix – I See You ((Andre Lodemann Remix)
6. Deep Muffinz - Deep Love (instrumental mix)
7. Blacky - Dancing With The Piano
8. Dj Fudge & Hallex M feat. Omar - Simpatico
9. DJ Whisky & Zaki Ibrahim - Be (DJ Malice Afro Expression)
10. DJ Bullet ft. Zothea - Our Love (Ta ice rmx)
11. Moredikai Soul,PyroBeats - Greatest Lover
12. Soulnab - The Capitol
13. Atjazz ft Clyde - I Forgot you
14. Cuebur feat Nathan X - Walk A Mile (Kai Alice rmx)
15. SoulPoizen Intomb,Emnyama (Sobz Deeper Revision)
16. Walk With Me (Spm Rooted Silent Mix)

Deep N Soulful (March edition "Free Our Minds")
March 15, 2014 12:46 PM PDT
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Sorry - I had to delete the mix and upload again due to technical problems. My apologies!!!

Easy All
Miami Conference just around the corner, one of the most publicised annual music gatherings in the world. Artists and DJs performed during the 28th Annual WMC Week within the vicinity of Miami Beach. So if you've not been get yourself over there, it's not to late starts next week, an experience you never forget! So Just for your guys, second instalment for March, fresh cuts and a wide selection of deep soulful rhythms in the mix.
1. Onsunlade - Human Beings (Atjazz rmx)
2. Nick Holder - The Love Frequency (Main Mix)
3. B&G Crew - Over & Over
4. Monocles & Slez - When I'm with You (TekniQ & Fannie Deep Vocal mix)
5. Nkokhi ft Sphelele - Travelling Man
6. Jose Burgos ft Kenny Bobien - For Your Love (Cuebur rmx)
7. Indysoul ft Darian Crouse - Home (Atmospheric mix)
8. Native Sons & Inaya Day - City Life (Factor Dub1)
9. Julian Sanza ft Nadeem M'pela - Believe (Original mix)
10. Nick Holder ft Sacha - Time (Dvine Brothers rmx)
11. Magic Number ft Angela Armstrong - Come Back to Me (Atjazz rmx)
12. Amana Melome - Caterpillar (Atjazz rmx)

Luv Beatz (Soulful Secrets)
March 04, 2014 03:24 PM PST
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Easy All
Kicking off this month with a soulful house mix blend with gentle rhythms leading the way for truly heavenly melodies
1. Dolls Combers ft Wayne Tennant - I Love You Still (Seb Skalski)
2. Tarantulaz ft Renn - Stop The World
3. AAries - Don't Give Up (Reel People)
4. Johnick - Love Scene (Club Mix)
5. Reelsoul ft Kaylow - Searching
6. Muzart - The Party After (Reel People rmx)
7. Justin Timberlake - Suit & Tie (Reelsoul & Mr V rmx)
8. Taliwa - Music For My Sun (Sean McCabe rmx)
9. Leroy Burgess Ft Tyrone Williams - No time Like Present
10. Incognito - Happy People (Mystery & Matt)
11. Steven Stone & Andrea Love - Running To Love (Richard Earnshaw rmx)
12. Dj Able & Hannah Khemoh - Aint Got Time
13. Wipe the Needle ft Lifford - Wondering Why
14. Liquid Deep - Angel (Sean McCabe)

Deep Afro n Soulful
February 08, 2014 03:22 AM PST
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Easy All
Much longer than I anticipated never had time to upload due to hectic times but I have a few mixes and hopefully I will upload within the following week.
The first track is a timeless classic that i've been searching to buy for over 20 yrs and finally it has been released on digital. Opening tune - "New Day" is a tune that keeps up with the modern times and does not seem out of place.
1. Round 2 Ft Andy Caine - New Day
2. Kenny Dope ft Raheem Devaughn - I Got Rhythm (Anniversary Mix)
3. Kings of Tomorrow Ft April - Take Me Back (Atjazz Afroteck RMX)
4. Muzart - The Great I Am (Spiritchaser RMX)
5. Atjazz, Julian Gomes , Zano - Here To Stay
6. Deejaykul - Dream Deep (Atjazz Astro Dub)
7. Meisha Moore - Pierce (G I.kome Deepah Flow Mix)
8. South Soul Project - Broken
9. Incognito - Freedom To Love (Atjazz RMX)
10. Miss Patty & Mr V - Let's Get It On (Original Mix)

Deep N Soulful (Avenue Of Dreams)
February 08, 2014 04:11 AM PST
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1. Brazilian Soul Crew ft Holi - Afflicted (Rancido Traveling Soul Journey)
2. NaakMusiQ - What Have You Done
3. Drula, Prince T Marissa - My Heart Is For Love
4. Rune ft Charlie Hamilton - Sweet Emily (vocal Mix)
5. Paso Doble, Zano - Majestic (Zulmafia Vocal Soul Mix)
6. Nick Doe ft Louise Goeby - He Loves Me (Main Vocal Mix)
7. Lou Gorbea, Chris Perez ft Manchild Black - Missing You
8. Distant People ft Chappell - Just Do It (Reelsoul)
9. Reelsoul ft Kyla - For the Love Of You
10.Sia Ribatone - Avenue Of Dreams (Reelsoul Vocal Mix)
11.Souldealers - Calling On You (Rancido Soul Oddesey Mix)
12. Stimming, Ben Watt ft Julia Biel - Bright Star (Sunset Mix)

Deep Underground House
November 29, 2013 01:38 PM PST
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Easy All
This mix I laid down a few months ago, a demo mix that I Intended to re arrange and add more tracks but never had the time to re -mix. This mix is for the real Deep House Headz with the feel of 90's style!!
1. Rokaz - Bold
2. Evan Iff - Faith & Trust (Michelle Owen Rmx)
3. Demarkus lewis - I Feel Its Over (Original Mix)
4. Noir Haze - Around The Bane (Noir Mashup Treatment)
5. Kerri Chandler - Hallelujah (Robosonic Rmx)
6. Art Of Tones - Damped (Original Mix)
7. Thelma Houston - I Need You Somebody Tonight (Audiowhores Rmx)
8. Full Intention - Icon (Original Mix)
9. Art Of Tones - The Great Sgatmi
10. Joey Negro, The Sunburst Band - i'll Be There (Spiritchaser Rmx)
11.Shur I Kan - Smile (Shur-i-kan Future Dub)
12.Golf Clap - On To You (Roland Nights Rmx)

Luv Beatz (Deeper Soul - The Music In Me)
November 18, 2013 01:56 PM PST
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Easy All
It's been a while and time has passed by. I have so many tunes to mix it willl be a catch up for sure!
First of many mixes to follow in the coming weeks starting off with a laid back soulful mix.
Big shout to Fumi back in the motherland and cuz Dwane don't tease me Miami heat!!!
1. Afronaut aphrodisiax feat sabrina chyld - Held Onto Me
2. Exothermic - On A Sunday (Original Mix)
3. Josh Milan - Wish (N'Dinga Gaba Remix)
4. Julian Gomez Ft Bobby - Love Song 28
5. Paso Doble ft Zano - Blind Faith (BSC Alma Remix)
6. Scotch flavio ft Fifi - Something (Chymamusique Soulful Remix)
7. DJ Tipz ft Kholi - Lifetime
8. DJ Kent ft Nandi Mngoma - Breeze
9. Luka ft Jaidene Veda - Overstanding (Sir LSG Remix)
10. Nini Maluks ft Sonja - Won't Forget You (Nini-JazzMeloz Mix)
11. Ivanunknown, Middlefield - Girlfreind
12. Tiger Wilson - Anything Is Possible (Main House Mix)
13. Imaani, Reel People - Live Without Love (Reel People Vocal Mix)
14. Mi Casa, Jimmy Nevis - Feel the Love
15. Rocco ft . Kafele - Dream Cloud

Urban Soul
August 18, 2013 07:35 AM PDT
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Easy All
Something I did a few months ago. Never had chance to upload, so here it is
1. Raheem Devaughn - Bullet Proof
2. Erykah Badu- Afro Blue
3. KIng - More Love
4. Aaliyah - Rock The Boat
5. Alicia Keys - Listen To Your Heart
6. Next - Wifey
7. Janet Jackson -That's The Way Loves Goes
8. Lucy Pearl - Dance Tonight
9. Slakah The Beatchild - D.a.n.c.e
10.TLC - Creep
11.Never Say Never - Brandy
12.Ciara Hill & Tonee, Slope - Just Let Me Know
13.Janet Jackson - IF
14.Ciara & Justin Timberlake Will. i.a.m - Love Sex & Magic
15.Slakah The Beatchild - Down Something
16.Latrelle - House Party
17.TLC - Scrubs
18.Amerie - Why Don't We Fall In Love
19.Teedra Moses - Be Your Girl
20.Janet Jackson & Busta Rhymes - What It's Gonna Be
21.Jill Scott - Golden
22.Robin Thicke & Pharrell - Wanna Love You

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